May Flowers Collection

May Flowers Collection


12 beautiful dolls make up this collection. Each is one of a kind featuring the newest fabric from the Rifle Paper Co Amalfi collection. It is a mix of Classic Dolls ($75) and Simple Dolls ($50). Selections can be made from the drop down menu.

Each doll stands 12"-14" tall and is made from Kona cotton, woven cotton, and recycled felt. Firmly stuffed with poly fil for durability, these dolls are made to last. Each of their embellishments are securely sewn. The ladies have removable skirts and the gentlemen have removable ties. Everyone (except Navy Girls 1 and 3) are machine washable. Check the caring for your doll section on this site for detailed instructions.

All my dolls are made with care and kiddos in mind. Whether on the shelf or in the toy box, they are made to last. All toys should be inspected frequently and all removable clothing should be taken off before teeny tiny kiddos play.

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