RealeGirl Designs


RealeGirl Designs was born in the walk in closet of Carman Ambrose. Inspired by her then 4 year old daughter's imaginative play and in need of a creative outlet, Carman designed the first RealeGirl Doll.


From beginning to end each doll is made with children in mind. Triple stitched seams and firmly stuffed limbs, create durability that you will not find in machine made dolls. And because life happens when you are having fun, most dolls are machine washable.


Carman has been sewing for almost 30 years, originally taught by her grandmother, Merle Reale, during their summer visits. The skill was utilized for prom dresses and home decorating and the occasional gift, but Carman really found her sweet spot when she started doll making in 2012.


"The best part is when I finally get to turn the doll out and begin stuffing. Each doll has it's own special personality and it shines through in that moment."  -Carman Ambrose