Rediscovering my spark

Doll making has been part of my world since 2012. It began with my daughter asking for a fabric doll and quickly became my favorite creative outlet. Though I had been a happy sewist most of my life, I used my skill for garments and home decor. All creative pursuits took a backseat to motherhood for a few years when Nora was very small. My husband returning from Afghanistan and my daughter starting preschool was the perfect storm, freeing up just enough time to allow me to jump into a new form of my favorite creative outlet.

I looked at photos of fabric dolls. I read doll making tutorials, books, and patterns. And then I sat down and created my first pattern ever. And then my first doll.

Over the years my doll pattern has changed a little here and there. Improving with each new generation until I felt it was just right. In the 2016, I officially established my business, selling my dolls first in a local shop and then expanding to my website, markets and 7 more shops. Now (almost) 8 years from that first doll and over 600 dolls later, I still love it. This is the kind of sewing that sets my heart on fire.

first generation Reale Girl Dolls

first generation Reale Girl Dolls

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